Sapphire_Eyes_Cover_Alex_LuxSapphire Eyes (An Erotic Short Story)

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We are pulled to each other like magnets. Or moths to a flame, perhaps?

Let’s hope the burn doesn’t scorch too badly.

Can you handle the heat? 

Time and space disappear and we are alone. The where is irrelevant. Only the who is of any consequence. You and I. For now. Until such a time that there is no you and I to speak of. Bodies merged into one.

And then we dance. (An erotic short story, 18+)


Three Friends and a Secret Cover Alex LuxSecret (Short Stories)

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Three friends. One secret. Two short stories. (Some mild sexuality and mild swearing)




Only Forever Cover Alex LuxOnly Forever (A True Romance)

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Her life fell apart after her ex-husband came out of the closet and admitted to being gay, leaving her to raise two young children alone.

His life was stagnant, engaged to a woman he didn’t love as he wondered what tomorrow would bring.

When fate intervenes to show them their destiny, the biggest surprise is fate’s chosen catalyst: A pair of bellbottoms. Inspired by a true love story, Only Forever will have even the coldest skeptic believing in happily ever afters. (A clean romance for most ages)

Mirrors and Monsters Cover Alex LuxMirrors & Monsters (Short Stories)

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Princess of Diamonds
He promised her the truth in exchange for one night with him, but what she saw in the mirror would change everything.

Sunflower Yellow
She was a sunflower, sweet as sweet can be, but wanted to be a rose, beautiful and dangerous. The mirror could give her what she wanted most, but at what cost?

(Some sexuality and mild swearing)